How to change location with a VPN? How fast will you get to Transylvania?

Aren’t you curious to see what content portfolio Netflix has in the US or Germany? Still, booking a flight and going straight to one of these countries, only to have access to random online websites, would be just a little too desperate. Luckily, with a VPN installed on your device, no matter if we talk […]

How to use a VPN on Firefox. The story of a fox fur.

Mozilla Firefox is in the front row of the online privacy battle, and the Firefox browser is the company flagship. However, extra caution is always recommended: a VPN on Firefox helps you be anonymous and more secure while using the Firefox browser. By their nature, web browsers share some information (your public IP address, information […]

How to test your VPN speed and get the most of your VPN connection

Nowadays, there are many VPNs available, and each of them claims excellent service. Privacy and security are the two most important elements you need to check when choosing a VPN, but VPN speed is also crucial. VPNs generally slow down your Internet connection as they route your data through a secure server located in a […]

How to use a VPN for Chromebook. Do you need a spellbook?

May your Chromebook be a lightweight laptop, but that does not mean you have to be light on security and privacy. As your device is connected to the Internet and the Internet is no longer a safe place, you need to get a VPN for Chromebook. The latest Chromebooks are able to run Android apps. […]

How to use a VPN for Chrome. Are free VPN Chrome extensions the best solution?

While you may entrust Chrome for general browsing protection, you need to consider using a VPN for Chrome for extra security and privacy. Chrome VPN (VPN extension or VPN software) is a must-have for everyone using the popular web browser. But, are free VPN Chrome extensions the best solution? Let’s find out. Whenever you navigate […]

How to bypass internet censorship with a VPN? Do bats work out?

1991 was an epic year, as two legends were born that year – the Internet and me as we know it today. So, here’s how things changed… Growing up, there was a constant bat-tlefield between my mother and me. She’s overly-protective, so she came up with all sorts of restrictions daily. Of course, these “restrictions” […]

How to test my VPN. Can a bat keep a secret?

Bat-er safe than sorry is an old and very popular saying in our Transylvanian bat community. The uncomfortable truth is that many VPN services do not do what they are supposed to and leak users’ data. Even if VPN technology is legal, such things may happen. That is why the question “Should I test my […]