What is an obfuscated VPN server and why is the key to online freedom?

While taking a much closer look at how things are going in the VPN market, you might think they are moving into the mainstream. The situation turns at 180 degrees if you invest a little time into reading between the lines. Not only that, there are continuous updates, new market trends, or fresh protocols (like […]

VPN for dummies. The most comprehensive article explaining VPN

Online privacy, security, and anonymity are three principles on the verge of becoming legends. Yes, just like the legends you might have read about in storybooks. VPN technology comes like a knight in shiny armor to save your online activities from becoming a target for hackers and marketers and to ensure you with the much-deserved […]

VPN hardware vs VPN software – The main differences explained

A mind at ease is already pleased. That is why I like to think that happiness doesn’t exist without peace of mind, just like hardware couldn’t work without its better half, the software. Since we’re talking about hardware and software, let’s discuss the VPN hardware vs. VPN software topic with a pinch of peace of […]

What is a VPN concentrator and who needs one?

The history of the VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology is closely related to Microsoft’s PPTP and goes back to 1996. Tunneling protocols already existed, as, without them, the data packet moving from a network to another wouldn’t be possible. Therefore, the PPTP didn’t reinvent the wheel, but it brought along a more secure and private […]

VPN vs. DNS vs. Smart DNS. What to use to access geo-blocked websites?

Geo-blocking is an internet censorship technique that restricts access to certain websites based on the user’s location. This practice is mainly applied by giant services such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, or Pandora, as they provide loads of intellectual property online. Since the copyrighted material is usually available only to a particular location or region, […]

How to change location with a VPN? How fast will you get to Transylvania?

Aren’t you curious to see what content portfolio Netflix has in the US or Germany? Still, booking a flight and going straight to one of these countries, only to have access to random online websites, would be just a little too desperate. Luckily, with a VPN installed on your device, no matter if we talk […]

4 reasons why a lifetime VPN subscription is a BAT idea

I like to drag myself into thinking that shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist. This theory may prove to be right, but only if you buy smart. There’s a new trend on the VPN market for providers to include in their subscription plans the option to get a lifetime VPN. Going for a long-term subscription […]

What is Youtube VPN, and why is it trending?

Youtube is, by far, one of the most popular websites. Since its purpose is to give voice to everyone interested in making a statement, Youtube became the perfect tool for artists to show off their work and, lately, for vloggers to speak their minds out. Similar to BBC iPlayer, Netflix, or Spotify, Youtube is not […]

What is Shadowsocks and why is different than VPN?

Tech solutions are brought to light and continuously improved by high-skilled programmers. And just like the Transylvanian legends, the ones that make an impact will last through the decades, gaining more and more popularity. The great thing is that tech solutions are as real as possible and available for all internet users. For the sake […]