Tech from Transylvania

About - Vlad, TomBat, and the castle

Welcome to the place where technology is made to sound fun and understandable, even for newbies.
With Vlad’s help, you can learn valuable information that can satisfy anyone’s thirst-for-tech.

I am not that good at reading minds, but I can guess that you wonder if I am a real person or just the imagination of some weirdo.

Good thinking, I must say! Vlad is “born and raised” in Transylvania, by two “partners in crime” (and we like to think about ourselves that we’re not THAT weird), who put on the table their knowledge and experience in the IT field, and the passion for writing down funny stories.

Oh, it’s so strange to talk about myself in the third person.

Speaking of strange things… I wasn’t kidding when I said that Vlad is raised and born in Transylvania.

The whole action around here is (literally) taking place in Transylvania, the well-known region located in the heart of the beautiful country called Romania.

I don’t know what feelings you might get while thinking about this place but, trust me, is not as creepy as it used to be when Vlad the Impaler used to rule Wallachia.

The notorious Transylvania is now a super-welcoming place, with friendly folks, where authentic traditions merge with technology, in booming cities like Cluj-Napoca – nicknamed Romania’s Silicon Valley.

Vlad’s objective?

VladTalks will not sell you cheap tickets to Transylvania, but it will definitely sell you the most useful tips and information related to different VPN-related subjects.

Our main purpose is making VPNs easy to understand, by using popular Transylvanian elements.

A combo between the latest VPN-related news, culture, and traditions for the win.

What am I wearing?

About - Vlad and his blouse.

For years, famous fashion houses are stealing collection ideas from different local cultures. Romania has always been in the spotlight, as is well known for its beautiful traditional designs.

You must know that I am wearing a traditional Romanian blouse called “IE”.

The Ie exists since ancient times and is also known as a Carpathian shirt. Each blouse tells a different story about the region it comes from and mine, for example, tells you that I am smart and handsome.

What’s that little flying thing?

About - TomBat

Please meet TomBat the Bat pet – who likes to fly around all naked. I hope that his frightful looks won’t scare you away.

TomBat may be clumsy but is smart beyond words, and funny beyond limits.

His story is already described on our Instagram account but, as is super fascinating, it’s worth repeating it.

So, one day, after I finished writing a blog article, I thought that a night walk will refill me with energy and creativity.

No longer after I start walking, enjoying the cool air, I was disturbed by some weird sounds coming from not very far away.

As Dracula’s Castle is right over my fence, near the mountain river, I thought that maybe Dracula’s bats were teasing the bats living in my trees (AnonymousBat, and DarkBat), so I was ready to go there to quit the fight.

When I approached, I was amazed to see AnonymousBat and DarkBat trying to carry a box filled with three beautiful eggs. So, I jumped to the rescue and took the box in my castle’s office. I admired the eggs for hours, as I have never seen anything that beautiful before. No sounds were coming from within the eggs, but deep down I always knew that those were more than just 3 nice ornaments.

After a few days, being in a rush, I sat my MacBook on the eggs and left the room.  The heat emitted by the device helped one egg to hatch, and there was TomBat. The only bat in this fantasy-world hatched from an egg. The bat inception, as I like to call it. A bat born from MacBook fire

Since then, TomBat never left my side.

This is who we are, a restless team, ready to answer all of your questions, in the most fun and understandable way.

Stay thirsty for learning!