What is Youtube VPN, and why is it trending?

Youtube is, by far, one of the most popular websites. Since its purpose is to give voice to everyone interested in making a statement, Youtube became the perfect tool for artists to show off their work and, lately, for vloggers to speak their minds out. Similar to BBC iPlayer, Netflix, or Spotify, Youtube is not […]

What is Kill Switch and why it is a must-have VPN feature?

Sometimes we need a little magic, don’t we? A magic wand, an enchanted switch, or Harry Potter’s invisible cloak would prove to be more than helpful for turning invisible when you have an awful hair day, for completing your tasks as fast as a ”hocus pocus,” or for avoiding unpleasant situations in a blink of […]

What is gaming VPN according to Transylvanian researchers?

Let’s take a moment to think about childhood, shall we? I can bet that most of the memories that come to your mind are play-related. And that’s great, because playing helped us develop our creativity, imagination, dexterity, and it clearly contributed to our emotional strength. While growing up, we switched from playing hide and seek […]

What is WireGuard and why it may be your new VPN friend

WireGuard is an open-source VPN that uses state of the art cryptography while at the same time being easy to configure, fast, and secure. During the last 10 years, OpenVPN has been the de-facto standard in the VPN industry. Now, a new VPN protocol is on everyone’s lips: WireGuard. Let’s take a look at its […]

What is a VPN for torrenting? Are bad guys invited to the party?

The online world feels like a personal paradise. Do you want to order a random piece of furniture? You can do it within minutes. Do you need to find some information about a famous event that happened 70 years ago? You Google it! Do you need that special image to include it in your PowerPoint […]

VPN vs Proxy. An unusual Transylvanian war

VPN vs Proxy – let the better technology win! I am sure we all like placing bets whenever there’s a competition we’re interested in. We always pray the odds are on our favorite competitor’s side. Still, gambling with your online privacy and security is not an option. That’s why, when it comes to the battle […]