4 reasons why a lifetime VPN subscription is a BAT idea

4 reasons why a lifetime VPN subscription is a BAT idea

I like to drag myself into thinking that shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist. This theory may prove to be right, but only if you buy smart. There’s a new trend on the VPN market for providers to include in their subscription plans the option to get a lifetime VPN. Going for a long-term subscription may seem smart at first, but after digging into the subject, you can end up realizing that it is not such a brilliant idea.

So, should you look for a lifetime VPN or go for a regular VPN subscription? I got your answer. But before opening the Pandora Box, let’s start with the Transylvanian explanation of why lifetime subscriptions aren’t that great.

The Transylvanian explanation of a lifetime VPN subscription.

Things work great between TomBat and PonyBat. They continue to spoil each other in the sweetest ways possible. And when there’s true love, you never get bored of making your better half feel special.

One night, before going to sleep, TomBat decided to surf the web looking for a gift that helps him speak his mind out, which says – I feel happiness at the thought of loving you for a lifetime.

Just a few minutes after visiting the most popular e-commerce websites on Batgle (Google for bats), he found the perfect gift – a beautiful red cryogenic rose.

Without wasting any more time, he added the gift to the cart, proceeded with the payment, and 48 hours later, the BatCourier delivered the package at his doorstep.

You should have seen PonyBat’s smile when she received such a special natural rose that maintains its original form for ages.

Just as you can buy a preserved rose that lasts a lifetime, you can opt to get a lifetime VPN subscription. But you know what?! The dust will settle on your beautiful rose, and you will get bored with seeing it laying on your shelf. And so it will happen to your VPN. Using the same service for a long time is not that fun, and no one can guarantee you that your provider will keep pace with the latest trends in the VPN industry. So, the question is: should you opt for a lifetime VPN subscription?

What is a lifetime VPN subscription?

After a simple search for the best VPN (Virtual Private Network) on Google, you will find many providers names repeating on the most popular VPN-reviews websites. By simply visiting their websites, you will learn they provide long-term subscription consisting of a 1-year plan, 2-year plan, and, sometimes, a 3-year plan. The question remains, what is a lifetime VPN then?

A lifetime VPN is a subscription that you can get in exchange for a one-time fee, which, theoretically, covers your VPN usage for life. This may sound like a deal you don’t want to miss. But you know what? Deals work best when each side gets something he/she wants from the other. One thing is for sure. The VPN provider will get your money, but will you get the performant Virtual Private Network you desire? Believe me, when I tell you, you will not!

What it implies to run a VPN business?

Sometimes, I like to ask awkward questions, just like this one. Yet, I feel that it would be useful for you to understand the main costs a VPN business implies and why lifetime VPN subscriptions can be just a big scheme.

  • Salaries. Since robots have not replaced us yet, running a business in the VPN industry implies having employees. From system admins, sales, and marketing personnel to customer support, all these people need to be paid every month, and salaries generate costs.
  • Technical infrastructure. Now that we have the people to work for your VPN company, you need to invest a consistent amount of money in your VPN server locations infrastructure, hardware, and software solutions, so your service can perform at the highest level required by the industry.
  • Advertising. You have a tech solution and an awesome team, but no one knows about you. Advertising your VPN in the current market situation is super expensive. CPC on Google and social media are costly, and affiliate commissions generate not only visitors but some costs too.
  • Operational costs. In this category, we include the rent, energy costs, training, and all the other small things that make a huge difference and without which the business can not operate.

If we sum all these amounts up, we can easily conclude that having a VPN implies serious costs, resources, and continuous development. So, do you think that a VPN provider can stick to providing a cutting-edge VPN relying only on one-time payments? Will this strategy guarantee that the monthly income will cover up all the above-mentioned costs? My answer would be NO.

4 things that a lifetime VPN subscription cannot guarantee.

Before rushing adding to cart the deal for a lifetime (see what I did here?), think about the costs a VPN implies, which are listed above, and rememorize the reasons why a lifetime VPN is not a good idea, which are listed below:

  • The performance of the lifetime VPN subscription is not guaranteed. Constantly updating your technologies to keep pace with the latest trends on the market requests resources. Maybe the list of VPN servers included in your lifetime plan satisfies you at the moment, but think about the future. In case your provider will decide to stop developing their service, will those regular VPN servers be enough for you, or will you need more torrenting or gaming servers for complete online privacy, anonymity, and a brand-new IP address? Can you be sure that the VPN protocols list is constantly updated? Will you end-up using PPTP for the rest of your lifetime subscription, or will you be able to enjoy state-of-the-art protocols like OpenVPN or, better, WireGuard, as soon as is launched on the market? What about the advanced VPN features? Features like obfuscation, split tunneling, KillSwitch, Tor over VPN, or Shadowsocks are cool in 2020, but what will be the trend in 2025? Let’s not forget about the VPN apps that are also important for all VPN users!
  • Can you rest assure your provider won’t shut down the business in a few years? I am sorry to break it to you but, a lifetime, in Internet years, is somewhere around five years. For your online security, this may be a positive thing, as you will be forced to look for other alternatives, so you will have the chance to get a performant VPN service adapted to your updated online needs.
  • Logging policy. The no-logs policy most top providers mention on their website is important. Such a no-logging policy guarantees that your provider is not spying on your online activities, and it keeps no record of the things you do online. Based on this statement, you can put your trust in your provider with everything you do online. To increase its profit margin, a provider who keps logs may decide to sell parts of information about their users to third parties interested in their data, for marketing purposes. Also, there’s the possibility for your service to be acquired by another provider that couldn’t care less about your privacy, zero-log policy, or constant service development.
  • The VPN service can be a scam. Last but not least, research before falling into the trap of lifetime VPN subscriptions. What VPN owner can decide to start providing lifelong subscriptions knowing that its profit margin can drop so much that it won’t be able to support the business in a few years or even months? Maybe one who wants to strike it rich and leave with the money? There are many scams online, so make sure to act smart and filter all the information until you’re sure you won’t be part of a scheme. Good luck!

What VPN services provide lifetime VPN subscriptions?

As you can conclude, I can’t be impartial. I would never go for a lifelong VPN subscription. However, I did some research for you and checked the VPN services which provide lifelong subscriptions.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited may be a solution, but don’t conclude, I recommend them! It seems that they provide a zero-log policy, their service is suitable to unblock online streaming services (like Netflix, Hulu, or BBC iPlayer), and they provide customer support, plus a money-back guarantee policy. Regarding the VPN software, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited provides, in their current list, you can find applications for macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Chrome, Opera, and Firefox browsers extensions as well.

Alternatives to lifetime VPNs.

If you’re not up to paying for a monthly recurring subscription and look for a long-term commitment, there are some alternatives for you to consider.

During special sales occasions like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, providers spoil their old and new customers with sweet VPN offers. From generous discounts to prolonged subscriptions during their sales campaign, you can get a pretty good VPN deal.

Moreover, top VPN service providers are competing for customers’ attention, trying to come up not only with military-grade encryption, VPN features, and top-notch apps but also with impressive deals and long-term subscriptions.

My recommendations are VPN service providers like NordVPN, CyberGhost, and ExpressVPN, who indulge the customers not only with high-performant VPN services, constant updates, and also with deals. Providers like the ones I just mentioned have special discounts and bundles not only during popular sales periods but also throughout the year. So, checking their website from time to time helps you find a smart deal you can’t refuse.

Lifetime VPN subscription - ExpressVPN statement on continuous updatees

Still interested in a lifetime VPN subscription?

If you found a deal for a lifetime VPN plan that you can’t refuse, here your VPN essential checklist:

  • Check the VPN provider. Activate your suspicious mood, do a background check for your provider, and make sure the VPN service is trustworthy. Don’t forget to check the no-logs policy I keep on talking about.  If you cannot find anything related to your future provider, ask a girl to help you out. Is it said that girls do better research than the FBI, so I am sure one girl will be able to find out a thing or two about the VPN you’re about to buy.
  • VPN apps. Being able to use your VPN anywhere and anytime is mandatory since the main purpose of a VPN is to help you secure all your browsing data. Therefore, the VPN apps for the most popular OSs are something to look after. Don’t forget that using a VPN on your mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Android smartphones) is highly recommended, as many online threats hide behind unprotected public Wi-Fi networks.
  • VPN features. The latest VPN protocols allow you to surf fast and secure, while the most advanced VPN features like Kill Switch grant you protection if your VPN fails to perform. In conclusion, the more protocols and features you will be able to enjoy, the better, as these features worth every penny.
  • Go for a free trial. There are a handful of VPN services providing a free trial. Having the opportunity to test a service all by yourself and drawing your conclusions is really important as a VPN’s performance, and many factors influence the connection speeds. So, a VPN that works great, in my case, could be a total disappointment for you. Test before you rest assured that you made the right decision!
  • Customer support. Blog articles are helpful, and tutorials on how to set up VPN on routers are great, but being able to chat with an expert about your VPN-related problem is a lifesaver. Helpful and friendly customer support is something even tech-savvy needs!

Not all deals are worth buying!

Some VPN providers think like The Godfather and say “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse”. When something sounds too good to be true, then it’s time for you to be responsible.

Lifetime VPN subscriptions are, indeed, a deal you don’t want to miss. Yet, you have to analyze the situation and be aware of the risks a lifelong subscription implies. You can end up paying a few hundred dollars for a subscription that does not pay off or, even worse, the provider might close the business in a year or two, leaving you high and dry.

There are many great alternatives for you to consider before subscribing to the first VPN you find. Top VPN providers allow their customers to get a long-term subscription at a very reasonable price. Sales occasions like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or holiday deals bring along limited time offers, discounted prices for the most-wanted VPN services. Be on the lookout and start buying smart!

Another smart thing to do is to subscribe to our newsletter. In this way, you’ll make sure you’re always up to date with the latest tech news!

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