Top 5 Black Friday VPN deals – a fine Transylvanian selection

Top 5 Black Friday VPN deals – a fine Transylvanian selection

Many VPN providers strike it rich during the popular sales periods, and if you’re wondering what’s the best occasion to look for the best VPN deals, the answer is simple – during Black Friday.

Best VPN deals 2020

Are you in a hurry to spend your money on a good VPN deal? Here are the ones that TomBat (the Bat pet) recommends:

  • CyberGhost VPN83% off for a 3-year plan (and get extra 3 months as a gift)
  • NordVPN68% off for the 2-year VPN plan (and get an extra plan as a gift)
  • ExpressVPN49% off for a 1-year plan (and get extra 3 months as a gift)
  • TunnelBear58% off for a 1-year plan
  • StrongVPN50% off for 1-year plan

and a few more:

  • PureVPN83% off for the 5-year plan
  • Hide.me81% off for the 2-year plan
  • Surfshark83% off for the 2-year plan

All the Transylvanian stories have the same pattern. Vampires, dark streets, possessed beautiful-young girls, iele, and even ghosts. You can rest assured that Transylvania is a marvelous place, as all the stories are just myths, written by creative authors with twisted minds.

Still, there’s something that haunts us all. A great-dark power, living in impressive buildings, with elevators and escalators. We call these places malls, but I feel the need to be very descriptive and include some drama.

To leave away the mistery, what I want to say in very short terms is that in Transylvania, nothing haunts us like the thing we don’t buy.

As technology has an important role in our lives, these days we are hunted not only by the huge discounts on clothes but also by the deals and coupons on tech devices, and even services.

A hype technology these days is, without doubt, the VPN (Virtual Private Network). The top VPN providers work really hard to attract new customers by providing top-notch service and advanced VPN features like split tunneling, Kill Switch, IP leak protection, VPN protocols, and easy to use VPN apps that you can easily use to get started with VPN on Windows, VPN on Mac, VPN on iOS, Linux, and VPN on Android devices. Customer support or advanced tutorials on how to use VPN on routers are also a must many VPN services strive to provide. Moreover, they can also provide special benefits like a money-back guarantee policy, a generous number of simultaneous connections, supported P2P traffic, or unlimited bandwidth.

A very Black (Transylvanian) Friday

It is a dark Friday night in Transylvania. The November wind is so cold that you can feel it cutting through bone.

TomBat left the office and headed to PonyBat’s cave, without a drop of hope left for him. That day was their first anniversary, and the small gift he bought for her does not match her expectations. As he gets paid only on the last day of the month, he was very low on cash. Even if he struggled to find an affordable gift for his girlfriend, there was nothing for his budget.

While he was flying hopelessly nearby all sorts of batshops, out of nowhere, a miracle happened. There it was – huge discounts sign presented in a showcase“The temperatures drop? So do our prices, on this very black and cold Friday”. TomBat rushed-in and the miracle sat right in front of him – a huge 100 roses bouquet, with 80% OFF. Without having seconds thoughts, he headed to the counter and paid for the bouquet.

There was another problem though… he wasn’t able to carry such a huge bouquet all by himself, and there was no money left for transport costs. But it seems that it was his lucky day. During that Black Friday night, the transport fee was included in the product price.

TomBat was so happy and satisfied that he told all the bats in Castlevania about how important it is for business owners to think about their clients and, from time to time, to spoil them with discounts and presents. TomBat is an important figure in the Castlevanian society, so his feedback was really important for the entrepreneurs. So, since then, every year, on the last Friday of November, all the batshops are providing Black Friday deals to warm their customers’ souls. 😊

Black Friday – best VPN deals

Held on the last Friday of November, a day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is the most anticipated sales event in the whole World.

During Black Friday we all expect lumps of discounts, VPN offers, deals coupons, and cashback on almost all industries.

More and more internet users look for the privilege of private internet access provided by the legal and powerful VPN technology. With a private VPN, you can enjoy a secure online connection powered by military-grade encryption while using public wi-fi hotspot, change your IP address and location, bypass censorship by making the most out of the obfuscation features available, secure your torrenting activities, and be in control of what data you share with your ISP. Moreover, a VPN can also be installed on routers and you can configure it on your Xbox to upgrade your gaming experience.

Shopaholics wait for the special best VPN deals to buy or extend their VPN service subscription. As in all industries, during the Black Friday is, for sure, the best time to look for VPN coupons.

Getting a lifetime subscription for a highly-performant and secure VPN service will ensure not only strong aes-encryption for your connection, but it will also help you unblock Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, for example. Plus, you can install the VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) on wearable tech devices operating on iOS, Android, and other popular OSs, for securely accessing unprotected WiFi networks.

So, are you looking for buying a long-term subscription or a 1-year plan/2-year plan/3-year plan provided by the fastest VPN on the market? Popular providers like PureVPN, IPvanish, ProtonVPN, PIA, and many, many more spoil their customers with generous discounts. Here is the list of VPN services I use on a daily basis and I strongly recommend checking their websites for discounts, deals, and VPN offers.

Express VPN Black Friday deals

ExpressVPN Black Friday VPN deals and a short list of key features

Just as they state on their website, ExpressVPN simply works.

Comparing this provider with others, from the same league, we could say that ExpressVPN has a steep price. Even so, it’s worth every penny.

They provide apps for the most popular operating systems and promise 99.9% uptime on their servers, access to Netflix, Hulu, or Youtube. What can we do more than agree that ExpressVPN works, and when it doesn’t, the customer support is there for you? And, by the way, with ExpressVPN, you can enjoy easy to use VPN extensions for Chrome or VPN addons on Firefox.

Hurry up on their website, check their pricing page, and look for the ExpressVPN deals that meet your budget!

NordVPN Black Friday VPN deals

NordVPN Black Friday VPN deals and a short list of key features

I like everything about Nord VPN. The way it works, the way it looks, and the way they communicate are just great.

As soon as you pick a VPN server (they got an impressive number of server locations and VPN protocols, including WireGuard), the NordVPN app will connect in a blink of an eye – literally. NordVPN’s VPN browser extensions also rock, and my favorite is the one for Chrome.

Plus, NordVPN is pretty good VPN for streaming blocked media websites like Netflix or BBC iPlayer.

Their normal pricing is affordable, and they also provide constant VPN deals on their website.

However, the best VPN deals you need to put your hands on, are provided by NordVPN during Black Friday campaigns.

So, what are you waiting for? Check NordVPN’s website now!

TunnelBear Black Friday VPN deals

TunnelBear Black Friday VPN deals and a short list of key features

Just like NordVPN, TunnelBear VPN has an important place in my Transylvanian heart. Not only that I love bears, but I also like using TunnelBear as my private internet access VPN. Besides the way they communicate, their branding is genius, and their apps work pretty well. Still, they don’t offer many server locations but it supports torrenting so, the situation balances somehow.

My advice would be to benefit from their free VPN option before, and test their performance, as TunnelBear offers NO refunds and has NO money-back guarantee policy.

So, before checking their VPN plans, and grab an annual plan during Black Friday, test it, test it, test it!

CyberGhost VPN Black Friday VPN deals

CyberGhost Black Friday VPN deals and a short list of key features

With CyberGhost VPN your online freedom, privacy, and security are powered by the military-grade encryption and an impressive number of 5000+ servers worldwide. This provider can also block malicious websites, trackers, and ads.

Also, CyberGhost VPN is a Romanian/German-based VPN provider supporting up to seven devices simultaneously connected (a little above average – the industry standard is 5).

Just like ExpressVPN, CyberGhost VPN is great for unblocking streaming websites like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Pandora, or Hulu. You may even unblock BBC iPlayer outside the UK on your iPhone or iPad.

If you’re looking for a VPN lifetime subscription or in a multi-year plan price, make sure to check GhostVPN’s website, this year, on the Black Friday night.

StrongVPN Black Friday VPN deals

StrongVPN is an American-based VPN and one of the few VPN services that included Wireguard VPN protocol in their list. StrongVPN provides VPN software available for the most popular OSes, including iOS and Mac, meaning that you can always enjoy a fast VPN directly from your iPhone, iPad, or from your Android phone, whenever you want, wherever you want. Also, they provide customer support and assistance for their users, and tutorials on how to setup VPN on firestick, Kodi, routers, and other devices.

When it comes to VPN servers, StrongVPN provides 950+ servers, in 30 countries around the world, offering over 59000 VPN IPs. What I find really impressive are the 12 simultaneous connections you can enjoy with this VPN service.

You can give StrongVPN a try and in case you will not be satisfied with the performance, you can benefit from their 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

Other VPN discount and deals opportunities

Are you wondering what other opportunities you got to get an ExpressVPN 1-year subscription at an awesome price or a NordVPN coupon code?

Luckily, there are other very special occasions when VPN providers spoil their customers with VPN lifetime subscriptions, like:

Halloween VPN deals

Tricks, treats, and delicious VPN deals. During Halloween, VPN providers will not try to scare away customers. On the contrary, they will lure new and existing customers with spooktacular deals and other benefits like a month extra for every new subscription, a 3-year plan, or extended 30-day money-back guarantee policies.

Cyber Monday VPN discounts

Hey, do you have any plans for this year’s first Monday after Thanksgiving? No?! That’s great because you’ll have time to look for the best VPN deals.

During this special day, VPN providers like ExpressVPN, IPvanish, or PureVPN encourage internet users to get the best VPN service subscription at a very special price.

You know you are really important to me, so I will sell you a tip. During Cyber Monday, VPNs provide the same offer as on Black Friday. So, if you get paid only at the beginning of the month, don’t lose your hope, as you will still be able to get a VPN subscription, at a special price.

Winter Sales/Christmas VPN deals

Sharing is caring. Christmas awakens the magic spirit in us. We start to wrap gifts and decorate our houses while feeling that we need to be close to our loved ones.

VPN providers don’t miss a beat. They will show their love and appreciation for customers by providing generous discounts, different benefits, and even VPN giveaways.

So, if you want to get yourself a present or buy the best VPN service for someone special in your life, during Christmas, it’s the perfect time do to it.

Summer sales and VPN deals

I am writing this article during the sweater weather season. And while I write these words, the song Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood comes to my mind. This was one of my favorites songs on my student days. The best lines that match my souls are “All I am is a man, I want the world in my hands. I hate the beach, but I stand in California with my toes in the sand”. I love traveling and visiting new places, and summer is all about vacations all around the globe.

So, if you want the world in your hands, you need to save money (if you’re not lucky enough to be filthy rich) to pay for accommodation and plane tickets.

While traveling, you MUST use the best VPN service not only to bypass restrictions but also to secure your connection when you connect to public WiFi networks.

VPN providers support your vacations with uninterrupted service to secure your connections and, also, with generous deals that can help you save money for your next trip.

Special occasion VPN deal campaigns

VPN providers have a very close relationship with their customers. Imagine that we trust our providers with our private data and everything that we do online. We trust them when they say they keep no logs, and, in return, they reward our fidelity.

That’s the reason why your VPN may want to celebrate its anniversary with you. Instead of a piece of cake, they will give you special prices and other sorts of gifts, like free devices, or special coupon code so you can buy other security and privacy-related services, like antiviruses.

Also, during important sports events like Formula 1, Champions League, or the Super Bowl, they provide time-limited VPN deals to help their users be up to date with each and every match.

Ready, steady, buy!

Let’s have a glass of Transylwine and recap!

There’s nothing more horrible than having your online privacy trampled down. Luckily, there are several online tools that you can use to ensure your online privacy, security, and anonymity by simply changing your IP address and benefiting from the military-grade encryption ensured by the securest and fastest VPN on the market.

Without a doubt, the VPN is the most popular one. So, should you think about buying a VPN subscription at a very special price, you can do it on the occasion of a special sale.

Just like in any other industry, you can buy a VPN service at a special price on Black Friday, when deals are lurking at all Internet’s corners.

From generous VPN campaigns to special VPN coupon codes, on Black Friday, you can find them all!

VPN providers like PureVPN, ExpressVPN, ProtonVPN, CyberGhost, Surfshark VPN, or IPvanish spoil their customers with the most appealing deals.

What you need to do is super-simple. Just scan their websites and get the discount that suits your budget.

No matter if we talk about clothes, tech devices, cars, or VPNs, you need to buy smart. In this way, you may be able to save some bucks and visit Transylvania (maybe). What I can guarantee is that you won’t regret this decision.

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  1. You guys talked about Purevpn, IPVanish and Protonvpn but didn’t mention what deals they offering? You’re right about purevpn though I got their amazing discount deal 86% off, sweet right? I will be getting Nord for my friend once they lower their price this black friday.

  2. I trust the promotion lives upto the imprint, the PureVPN is giving 86% off on the early the shopping extravaganza following Black friday

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