Complete list of WireGuard VPN providers [March 2021]

This article aims to list (almost) all WireGuard VPN providers and present their approach toward offering access to the WireGuard protocol. WireGuard seems to be the future of VPN protocols due to its simplicity and performances. The best VPN providers were involved in testing and supported the development of WireGuard in the last few years. […]

How to use a VPN like a Transylvanian guru

You have probably heard about VPN technology, and you asked yourself how to use a VPN. After digging into the subject more, you might feel overwhelmed by all the new/technical information. Have no fear, Vlad is here to help you rest assured that even if the VPN is a complex technology, is not rocket science […]

What is a VPN service?

I like the fact that we have one thing in common – the same thirst for learning as many things as we can… things about the online world in general and online security and privacy tools in particular. As you might have already discovered on our About page, I am not tech-savvy. I went from […]