How to hide your IP address & browse the Internet anonymously

Every computer connected to the Internet exposes an IP address that can be logged and tracked by websites and various apps. To increase your online privacy and anonymity you should, learn how to hide your public IP address.

This article explains what an IP address is, what can your public IP address reveal about you, how to hide your IP address, and what is the difference between hiding your IP and changing your IP address.

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What is a VPN service?

I like the fact that we have one thing in common – the same thirst for learning as many things as we can… things about the online world in general and online security and privacy tools in particular.

As you might have already discovered on our About page, I am not tech-savvy. I went from being just another Internet user to becoming a responsible Internet user after getting my questions answered right.

Without much knowledge about the popular solution for private and secure surfing, I had many curiosities about what is a VPN service, or why do I need military-grade encryption for my Internet connection.

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