What is a VPN server? An original explanation written in Transylvania

I wish I were as smart as a bat when I had my first interaction with a VPN client but, actually, I was more like a brick from the Dracula’s Castle

To be honest, I was unable to use the VPN at full capacity. Out of both curiosity and frustration, I started to learn more.

The first phase? I felt like I was hit by a bus, by all the pompous tech-jargons and expressions – encryption standard, VPN server, SSH, tunneling protocol?

What to do, what to do?

I left my frustration behind, as I tried to understand the logic of the whole thing.

To help you skip the disheartening part, in this article, I will explain from scratch all the information that you need about what is a VPN server, in accessible and basic words.

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How to use a VPN on Mac. Do Transylvanian bats love apples?

Mac devices are coming with built-in security features, to help users increase their privacy and confidentiality while going online. However, it is essential to learn how to use a VPN on Mac to further secure your device.

When we talk about online security, minimalism is not an option, and the less is more principle makes us skeptical. That’s why, going the extra mile for your own peace of mind, would be the wise thing to do.

As we often use our Macs to connect to public Wi-Fi networks, for example, setting up a VPN on your Mac is recommended for increased online security and privacy. You need to protect yourself while connected to the Internet, and Mac OS helps you in various ways to get access and set up a VPN connection. Find out what makes an old bat burst into tears, how to set up a VPN on Mac, and how to choose your Mac VPN provider wisely.

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How to use a VPN like a Transylvanian guru

You have probably heard about the VPN technology, and you asked yourself how to use a VPN. After digging into the subject more, and more you might feel overwhelmed by all the new/technical information.

Have no fear, Vlad is here to help you rest assured that even if the VPN is a complex technology, is not rocket science to use it, as there are plenty of ways, suitable even for newbies.

We have prepared a (long) article that presents most of the things you should be aware of related to VPN usage. Start reading the short bat-related explanation and continue with our in-depth presentation of the available options.

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What is a VPN protocol? The most popular VPN protocols explained

To understand how a VPN is able to come in handy for helping you in extreme online situations, you need to understand its components.

You are in the right place, at the right moment, as when it comes to extreme situations, Transylvanians are experts at defying any challenge.

You need to be aware that not only humans need to obey orders or follow the rules, in order for societies to work, but software solutions too.

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How to hide your IP address & browse the Internet anonymously

Every computer connected to the Internet exposes an IP address that can be logged and tracked by websites and various apps. To increase your online privacy and anonymity you should, learn how to hide your public IP address.

This article explains what an IP address is, what can your public IP address reveal about you, how to hide your IP address, and what is the difference between hiding your IP and changing your IP address.

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What is a VPN service?

I like the fact that we have one thing in common – the same thirst for learning as many things as we can… things about the online world in general, and online security and privacy tools in particular.

As you might have already discovered on our About page, I am not a tech-savvy. I went from being just another Internet user to becoming a responsible Internet user after I got my questions answered right.

Without having much knowledge about the popular solution for private and secure surfing, I had a lot of curiosities about what is a VPN service, or why do I need military-grade encryption for my Internet connection.

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