VPN vs. DNS vs. Smart DNS. What to use to access geo-blocked websites?

Geo-blocking is an internet censorship technique that restricts access to certain websites based on the user’s location. This practice is mainly applied by giant services such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, or Pandora, as they provide loads of intellectual property online. Since the copyrighted material is usually available only to a particular location or region, you can conclude why geo-blocking is practiced in the first place.

If you’re actively looking for a solution to overcome internet censorship and geo-restrictions, you have probably heard terms like VPN, Smart DNS, and DNS. What are these technologies, and who will win the fight between VPN vs. DNS vs. Smart DNS? Let’s find out together!

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What is VPN Gate? Solid free VPN with important drawbacks.

VPN Gate is a free VPN solution used by millions of Internet enthusiasts. It was developed as an academic research project, and it has plenty of advantages. But is VPN Gate the perfect VPN solution? Let’s find out.

We do not (usually) recommend free VPN services due to security and privacy concerns. We believe that Internet users’ private data is far too important to be endangered by free VPNs (we explain here why, in more detail). However, we have chosen to present VPN Gate because it is an academic project. There are plenty of interesting details regarding the architecture and the technical solutions adopted for the implementation.

From the very beginning, it is necessary to underline that VPNGate is not an ordinary VPN service. This article takes a closer look at the VPNGate project, presents its advantages, explains the disadvantages, underlines the possible privacy and security issues, and shows how you may connect to the VPN Gate network.

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How to install and use WireGuard on Android – Recommended options

Using WireGuard on Android gets easier each day. There are several options to set up the new VPN protocol on your Android devices and plenty of VPN software that fully integrate WireGuard. In a matter of minutes and with a few clicks, you may start using WireGuard.

WireGuard Android setup [Summary]

There are two options to get started with WireGuard on Android. My advice is to take a look at both of them and then decide which way to go.

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How to change location with a VPN? How fast will you get to Transylvania?

Aren’t you curious to see what content portfolio Netflix has in the US or Germany? Still, booking a flight and going straight to one of these countries, only to have access to random online websites, would be just a little too desperate. Luckily, with a VPN installed on your device, no matter if we talk about a PC, a mobile phone running on iOS or Android, or a laptop, you can change your location with just a click, gaining access to blocked content around the world. Only if real-life traveling would be as easy as this task, right?

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What is SoftEther VPN and how to connect to a SoftEther VPN server

SoftEther is a relatively new VPN project that helps people bypass Internet restrictions and surf the Internet more securely. This article explains what SoftEther VPN is and how to connect to a SoftEther server with various VPN protocols.

We live in a strange World (probably an understatement after surviving 2020). More and more restrictions are imposed on every level of our lives. And the Internet is no exception, and it has not been the exception during the last years.

Access to an open Internet must be everyone’s right. Thankfully, some technologies help us bypass abusively imposed rules. And SoftEther is one of the great ones.

This article takes a closer look at the SoftEther technology, presents its advantages (as well as disadvantages), explains how to connect using the SoftEther protocol, and lists several options on how to get started with SoftEther.

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Is a VPN worth it? How to be sure you are making a FANGtasting decision?

I like keeping a curious spirit and an open mind. I also think that asking out all of your questions helps you grow as a person, and it keeps you prepared for whatever life has in store for you.

And if there’s a VPN listed in your online cart, is absolutely normal to ask yourself, “is a VPN worth it?”.

So, is a VPN worth it or not? Yes, investing in a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a smart thing to do, especially in these challenging, pandemic times, when we all tend to spend more and more time online. It is true that we no longer connect to as many public Wi-Fi networks as we used to when we traveled or went for a coffee at a coffee shop or out for a drink (or two) in a bar, but we still need to stay focused on protecting our online privacy and security.

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Vilfo review: Hands-on with an impressive VPN router

Vilfo is a smart VPN router that packs plenty of useful features for VPN users. It can be easily installed, offers great speed, and great flexibility for setting up VPN connections.

You probably have many devices that connect to the Internet in your home and, if you are reading this article, there are high chances that you are using a VPN regularly. Setting up VPN on various devices is not difficult, but it may require some maintenance for changing VPN location/server, checking speed, updating apps, troubleshooting, etc.

The more efficient solution is to set up the VPN on your router and connect all devices to it. This approach simplifies VPN management and comes with the important benefit of using the VPN on as many devices as you need to, no matter the VPN account limitations.

This article presents Vilfo, a router built for VPN users.

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4 reasons why a lifetime VPN subscription is a BAT idea

I like to drag myself into thinking that shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist. This theory may prove to be right, but only if you buy smart. There’s a new trend on the VPN market for providers to include in their subscription plans the option to get a lifetime VPN. Going for a long-term subscription may seem smart at first, but after digging into the subject, you can end up realizing that it is not such a brilliant idea.

So, should you look for a lifetime VPN or go for a regular VPN subscription? I got your answer. But before opening the Pandora Box, let’s start with the Transylvanian explanation of why lifetime subscriptions aren’t that great.

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